One of the most important things that you can do to protect your health is to visit the dentist. Your oral health is essential to your confidence and overall health and well-being. When you take care of your teeth at home and maintain regular dental visits, you’ve done everything possible to protect your smile and oral health.

But, exactly when should you visit the dentist? If it’s been more than six months since you visited a dentist, it’s time to make the call. The American Academy of Dental Association recommends visiting the dentist twice per year for an exam and cleaning. These visits can detect early gum disease, cavities, and other threats to the teeth before they become damaging. Aim to visit the dentist every six months, unless there is a problem.

When you have tooth sensitivity and pain that nothing seems to stop, it’s time to find a Dentist near me Indianapolis and make an appointment. Something is causing this sudden pain and discomfort, oftentimes a cavity. The sooner you make that appointment with the dentist, the fewer problems you’ll endure.

Visit the dentist if you wear dentures or bridges and they’re not properly fitting. Your dental appliances may need to be relined or adjusted due to changes and shifts within your jaw structure and face. When this happens, appliances oftentimes fit improperly but the dentist can resolve the problem fairly quickly.

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Schedule that appointment if your teeth bleed when brushing or flossing. It’s not normal for your gums/teeth to bleed and oftentimes is the first sign of gum disease, also known as gingivitis. Let untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss, but quick treatment provides great results.

The dentist is your friend when it’s time to care for your oral health. Make sure to visit the dentist when it’s time and protect your oral health. You will be glad you protected your smile years ahead in life!